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Real World


A better, more realistic approach



Entropy, Inc. was conceived upon a belief that all firms face greater change than they know how to manage. With a focus on only near-term results or a quick payoff from investment in technology and people, companies are frustrated. Entropy’s advisory meets that issue head-on.

The term, “entropy” is a well-known thermodynamic term as a measure of disorder — at its core, it’s an exchange of energy. From a business sense, this concept can now be embraced and any up or down inflection should be viewed as an opportunity. Dealing with shorter life cycles of technology, following trends, or managing employees with a different work ethic, all require a pragmatic approach.

Our Commitment


There's no simple mission statement for Entropy. Our approach takes the energy in a business or market at hand, looks at what can be leveraged with the team, and focuses on top-line revenue as its primary goal.




Peter Cresse



Peter is an experienced executive and thought leader who has led commercial efforts for companies, large, and small. At Fortune 50 firms, such as GE, GTE, Scientific-Atlanta (Cisco), and Intelsat, Peter crafted focused programs for sales and marketing with growth at the center. For startups, including Inlet Technologies for streaming and CloverDX for data integration software, Peter has brought revenue to the multi-million dollar level. His success for payoff in technology investment is a hallmark of Entropy's reputation in the market, extending into areas from data software, media distribution, telecom, satellite systems, and cybersecurity. 


Bradley Imbach

Director, Technology


Brad is a deeply experienced data architect and technology leader and architect in all aspects of data-driven solutions supporting both traditional and social media solutions. With a career spanning over 25 years at Warner Media and Turner, he specialized in Information products, including development of machine learning-based solutions, data engineering, data analysis, decision support, applications, cloud solutions, and advertising optimization.

Paul Connolly.png

Paul Connolly

Leader, Network Practice


Paul is a national expert in telecom, cable, and media networks and applications. As an executive for major companies, such as Nortel, Scientific-Atlanta, and Cisco, he led efforts and teams in both the design and implementation of broadband networks using the latest technology and access to the digital home. Paul led Cisco’s efforts as the major partner for the AT&T U-Verse network design and implementation, as well as supporting many Verizon FiOS initiatives. Paul leads Entropy’s Network Practice.



Tom Wirth

Tom Wirth serves as SVP, Group Business Development, Nagravision Kudelski where he leads the strategy for the North American media and cybersecurity markets. Tom is an experienced worldwide sales executive with deep experience in all aspects of pay-per-view, video-on-demand, and new media business. 


Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is SVP, Business Development for STS Global, a leading satellite systems integrator and services provider. His experience spans the globe for multi-million-dollar initiatives in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Asia, Europe, and North America. Paul has also led business functions for M&A, contracts, and corporate governance.

Justin Williams.png

Justin Williams

Justin Williams is Chief Digital Transformation Officer at GFR Media, the leading media communications company in Puerto Rico. Justin is a recognized media thought leader and advisor, serving as Principal with JWTV that supports early-stage companies, and has served as SVP of Digital Ventures and Director of Sports at Turner. He is a digital journalist and an adjunct professor at the University of Georgia. 


Best of Breed

Entropy relies on expertise from thought leaders, designers, and implementers for complex strategies and plans.


We draw on flexible and committed companies in their disciplines to forge exceptional solutions and recommendations for clients.


CloverDX is the result of nearly two decades of data integration expertise. Built to tackle the world’s largest and most complex challenges, our product and team will help you truly dominate your data.


STS Global Inc. is a dynamic satellite systems company where great engineering minds and outstanding communications experience intersect. Staffed by talented professionals who have decades of success, we are primed to deliver excellence in systems and services.


Dietrich Partners applies rational business for clients to differentiate intellectual property for technology and growth. It creates effective value and builds relationships through industry knowledge, and proven methodologies fine-tuned over several decades of practical experience.

AssuredTek empowers organizations to assess and respond to threats with precision and confidence through greater visibility of systems, networks, and assets. As today's threat surface is vast and expanding, rapid decision-making is critical to protecting your assets and systems.

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