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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Two national experts provided core trends today at the AFCEA Atlanta October 2020 webinar

First of the Cyber Bridge Series from AFCEA Atlanta

A must-attend webinar for an up-to-date assessment on what CISOs are thinking

Moderated by Peter Cresse

Steve King

Director, Cybersecurity Advisory Services for Cyber Theory and CISO for Information Security Media Group

  • Cyber threats dramatically increasing from increased digitalization and a remote workforce.

  • Enterprise infrastructure struggles to keep up and may not be built well for this future.

  • An existential threat today – meaning the cyber threat is attacking our very being. This threat is something that is not seen easily, but in our digital, web-driven world, it is important.

  • Hot tech area to better understand: Isolation cyber technologies

  • Good place for a CISO to invest money: Cyber training for everyone.

  • What’s cool at Cyber Theory: Closing gap in cybersecurity education.

Charles Green

President & CEO of Assured Information Security, Inc. (AIS), a cyber-focused company founded in 2001 and headquartered in Rome, NY.

  • Research and Development in cyber centers around technology investment and meeting needs of our cyber warfighters.

  • Current thrusts are driven by AI/machine learning, quantum computing, and Covid-19 impact

  • Speed of decision-making is key game changer. That is why AI and quantum are so important… we must discern which data are driving the greatest threat.

  • Hot areas to consider today: 1) Resiliency of the network; 2) Isolation Technologies

  • Good area for Government funded programs: Joint AI Center (“JAIC”).

  • What’s cool at AIS: Hypervisor technologies, where you can re-route threat away from the OS.

If you missed it, here is the link: AFCE Atlanta Cyber Series


Cyber Series is presented by AFCEA Atlanta, which serves the greater Atlanta metropolitan region to include Dobbins ARB, Clay Air National Guard and Georgia Army National Guard Centers, ROTC programs at major universities such as the University of North Georgia and Georgia Tech, the busiest international airport in America, 39 counties, dozens of Federal and State organizations, and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. Check us out here. Cyber Series sponsor is RedChip Ventures, an Atlanta firm centered on bringing tech ideas to market with smart development and business planning.

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