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Getting a handle on a multi-billion dollar industry changing the landscape of mankind and business today is a large task.

Identify where you are in the areas of infrastructure, middleware, applications, analytics, AI, cloud and cybersecurity.

Work backwards from the need. Most companies struggle with the pulling nature of applications and analytics as opposed to sorting out the infrastructure aspects where the assets are most impacted.


Start with the data source.

Entropy’s expertise, in collaboration with partners and clients, focuses on thinking FIRST about the nature of the data itself. This data integration brings data together in diverse formats, with varying levels of quality from various sources into target application, such as analytics, reporting, or data warehouses.

All companies face challenges of performance, the speed of a master data workflow and how to dynamically manage a growing set of assets. Once an architecture is assessed, a foundation of better data management begins.


IT Directors are often stuck in their own created stack – first with the database driven structure for query and later, for thousands of software toolset choices. Some call this approach buying a “go faster” technology; but at what cost?

Entropy asks baseline questions such as where the data exists, what structure is it in and who is governing the assets (really)? This straightforward approach begins to uncover the historical legacy spending on what has been created. It shows the good and bad of scripted developers and expensive software.


When companies uncover legacy investment, initial reaction is twofold – don’t throw away past work and protect those people that built the system. 

The Entropy approach honors those realties by working with legacy systems to the GREATEST extent possible and to collaborate with the IT people. The approach with the greatest impact is to infuse the system with new and CHEAPER (often open software) alternatives and a fresh mindset of talent that is not constrained with a stack mentality of creating solutions.

The focus: cost savings over the short and long term.

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