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Navigating Complexity, Lighting the Way Forward

Who we are

Creators of possibilities in each project, propelling your business to new frontiers and redefining the very limits. 

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We believe that progress is a journey fueled by continuous adaptation and a commitment to growth

Progress with Purpose
Empowering Change for a Brighter Tomorrow

Our approach to marketplace challenges is ever-evolving, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve to deliver measurable, sustainable results for our esteemed clients and the communities we serve. Beyond the pursuit of success, we recognize that how we grow is just as important as what we achieve.


Embracing innovation and cutting-edge technologies, we endeavor to find innovative solutions that not only address present challenges but also anticipate future needs. By continuously evolving our methodologies and staying attuned to emerging trends, we remain agile in an ever-changing world.

Anchored by our unwavering commitments to people, planet, and prosperity, we are guided by transparency in our culture, sustainable practices, and governance principles. With an unshakable belief in building brighter futures, we empower transformation through purposeful growth, making a positive impact that echoes far beyond the present moment.


Together, we forge a path towards a future defined by possibilities, as we continue to shape the world we wish to see. This commitment to a brighter future is not merely a goal; it is the very essence of who we are, and it will remain at the heart of our mission as we march forward, transforming challenges into stepping stones of progress.

Advancement with Values
Our values drive us to continuously adapt, grow with purpose, and foster collaborative innovation, empowering us to lead in an ever-changing world.

Continuous Evolution

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We believe in constantly evolving our approach to marketplace challenges, staying ahead of the curve to deliver better results for clients and communities. This value signifies our commitment to adaptability, learning, and improvement.

Purposeful Growth

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We recognize that how we grow is just as important as what we achieve. Our growth is guided by a deep sense of purpose, focusing not only on short-term success but also on creating a positive impact that extends beyond the present moment.

Innovative Synergy

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We are anchored in unwavering commitments to people (employees, clients, and communities), the planet (environmental sustainability), and prosperity (balancing economic progress with social well-being). It reflects our values of responsibility, social consciousness, and ethical decision-making.

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We embrace Complexity!

We are comfortable and adept at dealing with complex and intricate challenges. Instead of shying away from complicated problems, we actively welcome and engage with them. 

Entropy Leadership

Peter Cresse


  • LinkedIn

Peter is an accomplished executive and thought leader known for leading commercial efforts in both large corporations and startups. His focused sales and marketing programs have driven impressive revenue growth throughout his career, from Fortune 50 companies like GE, GTE, Scientific-Atlanta (Cisco), and Intelsat, to startups like Inlet Technologies and CloverDX. Peter's successful technology investments have earned Entropy a respected reputation across diverse industries.


Paul Connolly

Leader, Telecom Practice

  • LinkedIn

Paul is an expert in telecom and media networks with a distinguished executive background. He has led design and technology implementation for major companies in broadband networks and served as a partner for projects with AT&T and Verizon. His expertise also extends to media giants such as HBO, Viacom, and Disney. Paul's insights and reports contribute to industry growth, as he guides Entropy’s telecom practice with his vast expertise across various ventures in the technology and media landscape.


Tom Wirth

Board Advisor

  • LinkedIn

Tom Wirth serves as SVP, Group Business Development, Nagravision Kudelski where he leads the strategy for the North American media and cybersecurity markets. Tom is an experienced worldwide sales executive with deep experience in all aspects of pay-per-view, video-on-demand, and new media business. 

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Harish Raju

Board Advisor

  • LinkedIn

With more than 15 years of experience as a data architect and consultant, Harish is a practical expert in data implementation across various projects. He successfully led data ops optimization as a Director of Research and Innovation at RightData and as a Director of Architecture and Technical Team lead at Jabil. Furthermore, Harish contributed his expertise as a consultant for Accenture and Unilever on significant data initiatives.

The Entropy Partnership Network

Comprising a network of esteemed organizations and individuals, we collaborate synergistically to achieve shared objectives and cultivate positive outcomes.


Thriving in Complexity: Experts Speak with Entropy

Uncover valuable industry insights through Entropy's informative videos and gain a deeper understanding of key trends and strategies.

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