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Data Systems

Data Integration / Data Fabric / Cloud Service Data Design / Optimize Workflow

At the heart of all systems are data that dictate process and strategy. We use our know-how to take a hard look at the value of these assets and how to defend them. Our key partner is CloverDX, which is a leading independent data integration company.
Cloud & AI

Machine Learning / Cloud Service Module Interfaces / Edge Technologies

We work on the AWS and Azure worlds to store and manage data. We use these services and the innovation of these providers for clients. For AI and machine learning, we use the best partners for implementations, depending on the industry. The primary partner is RedChip Ventures, an Atlanta-based technology consulting practice.
Media Management

Media Distribution / Streaming & Mobile Networks / Software Driven Management

As media moves towards strategies that leverage linear, streaming and mobile networks, transport, and distribution remain to be a problem for old and new investments. We can leverage any aspect of transport, Cloud, playout, and encoding to access the most sub’s at the highest value. Entropy uses its founder’s expertise in this area.

Network Vulnerability / Threat Data Workflow / Business Planning

Our focus is network vulnerability, which moves beyond older endpoint protection. We assess the network from both defensive and offensive points of view. We provide expertise to assess the best compliance and frameworks as well. Our key partners are AssuredTek and GreyCastle, trusted experts in both government and commercial security.
Telecom, Fiber & Satellite Systems

RF Optimization / 5G / FTTH / LEO & MEO Ground Stations / Tactical Military

We optimize telecom, fiber, and satellite systems using expertise in how RF influences data throughput for new growth areas such as 5G, LEO, IoT, FTTH, and C Band. This network approach ensures the fastest and deepest pathways for applications into the home or for mobile.
Social Media Data & Analytics

Semantic Chat / Automated Learning

We provide expertise to gain deeper semantic meaning from chat and community dialogue of social media platforms. This approach uses state-of-the-art data ingest for data fabric transformation as well as input into semantic marketing applications.



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